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We build cutting-edge technology to translate geospatial knowledge into innovation.

Our Mission

GISdevio delivers out-of-the-box solutions combining ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) into powerful software for a variety of customers and applications.


Smart Cities

We make sense of diverse and heterogeneous data sources including geospatial data and digital maps to create solutions for better decision-making, more efficient operations and new insights.



We help governments achieve secure, reliable and scalable solutions to improve and speed up administrative procedures, facilitate coordination with other institutions and provide better services to their citizens.



Our software is designed and built around the needs of our business partners to help them automate their processes and increase the efficiency of their operations.



We unlock the full potential of spatial information to develop creative and immersive solutions for the promotion of cultural heritage and sustainable tourism.

We are a passionate, multi-disciplinary team of professionals formed by software engineers, data & GIS analysts, researchers, project managers, business managers and finance/admin specialists. The specific knowledge and unique skills of our experts complement the team and allow to serve our customers as best as we can. Our approach is enterprising, we simply love to find solutions to new challenges.
We believe in win-win partnerships when working with our customers as our utmost priority is their satisfaction. Our mission is to help customers shape, market, scale and improve their ideas by advising for the best in terms of performance, convenience and effectiveness. Customers are offered the maximum assistance before, during and after working together.
We take our customers security very seriously and do our best to maximize it. Our experts have professional experience in assessing security for mobile apps, GIS and web applications, networks, wireless and more. We adopt stringent measures around project management and source code as we care to protect our clients ideas, data and intellectual properties.
Our philosophy is centered around the value of openness. We have a penchant for open source software technologies, our research adheres to the principles of open science, we believe in the power of open data and we base our products on open standards. We strongly believe innovation can be accelerated through the sharing of ideas, tools and resources.

What We Do?

GISdevio creates geospatial solutions covering the needs of different customers, ranging from single citizens to big municipalities and third-party entities. We work to realize Smart Cities by developing applications aimed at service promotion, management and exploitation.



We can quickly develop mobile apps for Android and iOS using cutting-edge technologies while keeping a user-friendly design and the greatest usability. Our long experience ensures marvellous apps meeting any need.


SW & Maps

Writing code is our passion. Thanks to a proficient programming knowledge we can develop any kind of solutions, from simple websites to complex desktop applications, and create amazing Web maps and GIS algorithms.



We keep up with the latest research trends to ensure the creation of the most advanced and visionary solutions. Big Data, Location-Based Services (LBS) and Internet of Things (IoT) are just some of our beloved topics.



We love to teach what we know. Our team has a multi-year teaching experience on open source software packages, GIS applications and programming languages. Our customers can benefit from tailor-made courses shaped on their needs.

Our Collaborations


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